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Dream Cave – Cloud Control’s second album – is the result of periods of seclusion, persecution and exposure to the musically sublime & ridiculous. Like their 2010 debut Bliss Release, the album is filled with classic songwriting and melody. Unlike their debut, Dream Cave sees the band cut loose from their roots and embrace a spirit of experimentation best exemplified by Check Your Head-era Beastie Boys or a Led Zeppelin record.

Alister (Wright; vocals, guitar): “I remember Jeremy saying about ‘Dojo Rising’ ‘let’s make it more like the Beastie Boys’. That struck a chord with me in the way that they mix everything up. A bunch of my favourite bands – people like the Flaming Lips, Beastie Boys, Yo La Tengo – what they have in common is the way they make albums that move through different styles and recording techniques with each song but they still manage to have their own character. I hope this album is like that. ”

Although styles and approaches vary throughout the record – not just the try anything approach of Beasties but the kind of dramatic, razored studio edits that the Beach Boys perfected on Good Vibrations, the Fleetwood Mac-meets-rave synthesiser of ‘The Smoke, The Feeling’ or the intensity of live-recorded ‘Promises’ – the strangest inspiration comes on the title track where one of the world’s greatest crooners was imagined trapped underground in a cave.

Alister: “Our rehearsal studio is a mouldy, dark place … I was just getting into Roy Orbison at the time and from spending so long in the studio, I ended up imagining what song he would sing if he were stuck in a cave for twenty years. That’s the song ‘Dream Cave’.”

Heidi (Lenffer; vocals, keyboards): “We ended up visiting four different cave systems and did recordings in each different place. We were trying to find the perfect reverb. On the title track the actual backing vocals were recorded in a cave…”

Alister: “I ended up recording the vocal to ‘Dream Cave’ in a cave…”

Dream Cave is the result of a hard British winter, a dank Hackney rehearsal space, of a siege mentality on a French party island, of the Big O spending two decades alone underground and the greatest tour bus soundtrack of all time. It’s testament to the magic that happens when Cloud Control play together, their music is more than its’ influences – both musical and non – to create something unique. Enter Dream Cave.