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Josh Pyke returns with his fourth studio album The Beginning And The End Of Everything; a record that explores ideas of desire, death and legacy. For Josh these are the beginning and the end of all decisions made in his life and, as with previous albums, a record of a period of time in his life. Recorded with John Castle (The Bamboos, Washington and The Drones), Josh regards The Beginning And The End Of Everything as his most personal release to date.

“The main reason I’ve ever made music is to document my experiences. This album is influenced by what I’d have to describe as the most intense few years of my life. I feel like I’ve come through those years richer for those experiences and the album they inspired feels like my most accomplished”.

Josh Pyke arrived on the Australian music scene during the tail end of teen pop’s heyday, crafting pop music for a more questioning audience and colouring his songs with Australian influences and experiences. The combination proved to be quite popular amongst the local audience, achieving certified Gold sales on his first two albums Memories And Dust and Chimneys Afire and receiving a slew of ARIA Awards and nominations for both these and his 2011 third record, Only Sparrows. Josh has continued to become one of Australia’s most compelling song-writers with his heartfelt folk sensibility and memorable pop hooks.


There’s never a period where Josh is actively ‘not’ writing, with the majority of The Beginning And The End Of Everything penned upon Only Sparrows’ release and touring. The tracks throughout the record help punctuate this period of time for Josh; the lyrics to ‘White Lines’ conjured up staring out of tour van windows, ‘Stories That Get Told’ composed in his head along the cliff path between Bronte and Bondi, and the title track finding its finish at a sound check in Torquay. Seeing as the touring for Only Sparrows only wrapped up in December last year, Josh has only had a couple of months to catch his breath before starting to record again.

It’s almost 10 years into Josh Pyke’s life as a professional musician and The Beginning And The End Of Everything stands as a landmark in his career, the first record in which he’s entirely let go and trusted his own instincts in both writing and recording. The fear of expressing certain things have been lost and it wasn’t until listening back to the 15 or so tracks from the recording sessions that any thematic ties were picked up on.

“When I’d compile the track list for this one, I realised I’d been thinking a lot about death, legacy and the changing nature of desire. To eliminate desire, you either need to acquire everything you’ve ever wanted, and therefore desire nothing more, or you need to train your brain to desire only that what you already have. And so the album title for me seems appropriate, because for me, those things really are the beginning and end of every decision I make in my life. The only thing left is to close your eyes and follow, and trust your instincts.  That’s loosely what the album covers, and that’s also very much how I made this record”.