SURES are a four-piece from the suburbs of Sydney who play blissed out guitar-based surf pop. read more »

It’s been a year since Sydney’s SURES dropped their brilliant debut EP Stars, a release full of 90’s flavoured indie dream pop. Since then, the band has split their time between touring the country alongside bands such as Best Coast, Real-Estate, Wavves, The Cribs, Vampire Weekend, Snakadaktal and Bleeding Knees Club, and writing and recording. Now, the young four-piece returns with their sophomore EP THE NIGHT HERO WASTE TIME GETTING BETTER (TNHWTGB).

The five tracks that make up TNHWTGB not only mark a significant development in the band’s song writing and at times, sees them experimenting with the darker side of their sound.

Produced by Dann Hume (Alpine, Lisa Mitchell), TNHWTGB‘s lead single ‘Waste’ is a brilliantly crafted, angst ridden, time bomb of a song, building slowly until reaching a cathartic crescendo. One would be correct in detecting influences of Smashing Pumpkins and Death Cab For Cutie on indie ballad ‘Time’, while the EP’s opener ‘The Night’, with its anthemic stand-to-attention guitar riff is certain to be a live favourite.

Above all else, TNWTGB is a brilliant second release from a band destined to be one of the country’s most intriguing and, no doubt, acclaimed young bands.