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Would you like to send us some music? It’ll save you a bit of time if you just put some songs into our Soundcloud dropbox or send an email with links to: info[at]

You are of course most welcome to send us music in the post if you so desire. Here is best:

Ivy League A+R
135 Forbes St
NSW 2011

If you’re a media person looking for information of the PR + publicity variety, head on over to the Mushroom Group Promotions site. They know a whole lot about our artists and are happy to share. You can also email them if you can’t find what you’re looking for: info[at]

For everything else, please hit us up at info[at] and we’ll endeavour to get back you as soon as we can (unless you’re trying to sell us a Rolex. We already have five each, but thanks anyway.)

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