December 5, 2012

15 Days of IVY LEAGUE turning 15! Day 1: Toby & Alcia

Name: Alicia Kish

Time spent at Ivy league: Somewhere in the vicinity of five years, give or take a few.

Role: Label Manager

Favourite Ivy League song: One ain’t enough. Here are a few:
Youth Group – Shadowland + I Don’t Care, Red Riders – I Think You’re Blind + The Beginning of the End of the Night (Al’s cassette demo), Josh Pyke – Buttons, The Mess Hall – Pulse, Alpine – Heartlove, Catcall – August
Deep Sea Arcade – Girls, Cloud Control – Gold Canary, Sparkadia – Morning Light

Favourite Ivy League album: Youth Group – Skeleton Jar. Destined to be, if not already, an Australian classic.

Favourite Ivy League Memory:
– Josh Pyke’s ‘Make You Happy’ guitar boat actually functioning (despite one very close call with some rocks)
– The Ivy League Save FBi fundraiser featuring The Mess Hall, Cloud Control, Red Riders + more
– Every single phone call from Andy Kelly ever
– Every single dad-ism from Andy Cassell ever
– Pete Lusty’s hair


Name: Toby Martin from The Toby Martin Solo Project and Youth Group

Favourite Ivy League song not your own: ‘No Illusions’ – 78 Saab

Favourite Ivy League album not your own: Bliss Release – Cloud Control

Favourite Ivy League Memory: There’s too many!  Here’s three from the archives:
1. Signing to Ivy League while we were recording our first album (Urban and Eastern).  We signed an actual OVERSIZE COMEDY CHEQUE!
2. The Ivy League songwriter’s weekends at Kangaroo Valley – a chance to collaborate with other IL writers and record our efforts on Tim Kevin’s reel-to-reel.  City kids in the country!
3. Living with Andy Cassell and Pete Lusty in a terrace house in Darlington when they formed the label.  Pete’s bedroom was their office and the fax machine would often be whirring late into the night.

And we’re not that hot at the internet so the link to some awesome music shown favouritism by these two HERE!

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