December 16, 2012

15 Days of IVY LEAGUE turning 15! Day 10: Beth & Sam

Name: Beth from Sures

Favourite Ivy League song not your own: Hooker Heel Feel by Woe and Flutter, such a good song.

Favourite Ivy League album not your own: Bliss Release by Cloud Control was pretty much my summer album when it came out.

Favourite Ivy League Memory: Alpine’s media launch was a fun night, the Ivy League family is a great bunch of people to hang out with.

Name: Sam Cross

Time spent at Ivy league: 2006-2010 I think.

Role: Promotions & Publicity World Champion In The North States.

Favourite Ivy League song: Red Riders ‘Slide In Next To Me’. I think that was one of the first songs I serviced.

Favourite Ivy League album: Mess Hall ‘Devils Elbow’

Favourite Ivy League Memory: Wowsers…Where to start…Well the launch for Youth Group’s ‘The Night Is Ours’ onboard the Cape Don was pretty amazing. Borrowing Maunds car when he went away was pretty good too. Toasting Marshmallows in the office with Alicia during winter was a treat. But I guess all-round it has to be just meeting some people who are now some of my best friends. Awww. HA! I just remembered Maund saying Fartin’ McBeanie. Doing that tour with Sparkadia while still getting paid to work was funny. Is Josh Pyke the nicest guy in the music industry? What a dude.

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