December 6, 2012

15 Days of IVY LEAGUE turning 15! Day 2: Alex & Chris

Name: Alex Burnett from Sparkadia

Favourite Ivy League song not your own: “In my sleep” red riders

Favourite Ivy League album not your own: Skeleton Jar by Youth Group

Favourite Ivy League memory: Seeing press shots of the bands that Pete, Andy and Andy (Ivy League Directors) used to be in…

(And  for those who don’t know, the bands our Directors used to be in; Andy Cassell was in Youth Group, Pete Lusty was in John Reed Club and Andy Kelly was in Glide. There you go!)


Name:  Chris Maund

Time spent at Ivy league: 9 years

Role: M.D

Favourite Ivy League song: See-Saw – Youth Group

Favourite Ivy League album: Cloud Control – Bliss Release

Favourite Ivy League memory: Being on Sydney Harbour in a dingy with Andy Cassell chasing Josh Pyke in his guitar boat…..

+ And for some of the music mentioned above, have a cick HERE! +

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