December 11, 2012

15 Days of IVY LEAGUE turning 15! Day 5: Annette & James

Name: Annette ‘Nettie’ Gevert

Time spent at Ivy league: 7 months (Started April 10, 2012)

Role: National Publicity & Artist Relations Manager

Favourite Ivy League Song: Alpine ‘Gasoline’

Favourite Ivy League Album: Deep Sea Arcade ‘Outlands’

Favourite Ivy League Memory: The first time I heard The Rubens album at the Ivy League family listening session at REC Studios in Sydney



Name: James Roden from The John Reed Club and The City Lights.Was there from the start, man with The John Reed Club! Then we sold out and went to EMI. Huge Mistake. The John Reed Club broke up. Eventually, I crawled back home to Ivy League, bloodied but unbowed, with The City Lights for two albums.

Role: Legendary Founding Non-Executive Mod-father is probably understating it a bit. I have been an artiste on the label and I have worked for its sister publishing company, Ivy League Music. I have not had to run the label so hats off to the dudes and label managers and staff that have. Congratulations on 15 years!

Favourite Ivy League Song…not your own: Depending on mood: Keep Walking or Be Not A Man by The Mess Hall.

Favourite Ivy League Album… not your own: Hoolahan – King Autumn. Hoolahan’s only album. A little bit of nostalgia I admit, as at the time I was obsessed by my own band. But looking back they were some of my favourite gigs – playing with them or just watching the incredible rhythm section with double guitar interplay and vocal harmonies. My brother Harry, who in The City Lights, is their bass player. Dave O on guitar/ vocals and Neil on drums are top blokes and great musicians who need to be made to record a 2nd album. Tim Kevin who recorded our new album is the guitarist & main singer.  Wayne Connolly recorded it. Tim’s in Wayne’s band now – Knievel. It’s all a huge mix of overlapping lives. In the opening song “Bells of Yoko” Tim sings about “3 blocks from Judgement*, 2 hours ’til dawn, come home to no-one”. If I was a crying man, I would blub. I am stoked lots of us are still putting records out, playing, happy and, more importantly, alive. Oh and Tim sings in the opening song about a “Curse on Everyone” which I stole. Thanks IVY! x

(*Judgement bar.)

Favourite Ivy League Memory: The 15 year anniversary party. Here’s to the future

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