December 12, 2012

15 Days of IVY LEAGUE turning 15! Day 6: Tim & Vikki

Name: I’m Phil! The drummer from Alpine

Favourite Ivy League song not your own: Red Riders – Ordinary. It always gets a play in our tour van!

Favourite Ivy League album not your own: Youth Group – Skeleton Jar. Perfect album!

Favourite Ivy League Memory: The Ivy League “Spring Break” Party at Good God. So much fun!


Name:  Vikki Ing…yep, I’m the Viking

Time spent at Ivy league:  4 months!

Role:  Assistant Label Manager

Favourite Ivy League Memory:  Taking Sam and Scotty from The Rubens out taste-testing Reuben sandwiches for a video we did with Time Out. Poor dudes, pretty sure they feel different about this but it REALLY funny watching them try their best to finish the last sandwich of the day. That and not waste the giant beer served with it. Good boys.

Favourite Ivy League song:  Oh my. ‘Slide In Next To Me’ by the Red Riders was definitely on repeat  when it came out. I’d just moved out of home to the city with my best mate. Good times, it takes me back. ‘Gold Canary’ by Cloud Control because it’s a gem but I also I styled the video in my fassshwaaan design days. It’s always a lot of fun when you get to work with those beautiful people and I’m so excited to work with them on some music this time round!

Favourite Ivy League album:  Outlands by Deep Sea Arcade, Skeleton Jar by Youth Group, Bliss Release by Cloud Control, Devils Elbow by The Mess Hall and Replica Replica by Red Riders.

+ Link for the sweet jamz HERE +

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