March 25, 2011

Cloud Control Win The AMP!

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Cloud Control have won the 6th Australian Music Prize (AMP) for their debut album Bliss Release. It’s the second AMP won by an Ivy League artist – The Mess Hall took out the prize + giant novelty cheque for their record ‘Devils Elbow’ in 2007.

Cloud Control, currently touring Europe, had this to say about their AMP win:

“We woke up on the other side of the world this morning hearing that we’d won the award. At the time, Heidi and Al were on their way to Paris for promo duties, so we actually haven’t had a chance to collectively take it all in. We see them on Friday in Belfast, so the Guinness celebrations will be in order. It is amazing news and to win an award that acknowledges artistic merit is truly a special thing.

“We’d like to spin a few thanks to the great team around us: Umbrella, Ivy League Records, Artist Voice and Ivy League Music/Mushroom Publishing. Liam Judson who produced the record, Dan Zilber from Fbi radio for playing our first song, Australia Council & Sounds Australia for grants, Scott Murphy, the patrons and sponsors of the AMP Award and to all the talented acts that entered this year, it is great to be amongst a bunch of bands that we admire; Australian music is in a really great place right now that’s for sure. And a big mention to all to our wonderful family and friends for their continual support. We’ll now pay back all the money you have lent us – ha!

“Finally, thanks to everyone who has bought our record & come to our gigs. It is an amazing privilege to do what we do, so thank you all for supporting us and allowing us to do what we love.”

Ulrich Lenffer & Jeremy Kelshaw on behalf of Cloud Control

Now it’s really just a battle to see who can come up with the best headline to announce the win. So far the Sydney Morning Herald (Clouds part for Mountain rockers) and the Daily Telegraph (Cloud Control on cloud nine after music prize win) are in the lead, with The Australian not too far behind (Australian band Cloud Control reigns on $30k music prize).

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