June 12, 2013


19 year-old Perth artist GEORGI KAY follows up the hauntingly beautiful single ‘Ipswich’, with her 6-track IN MY MIND EP. A gorgeously dark body of work that announces the arrival of this unique new talent!

In Georgi’s own words, “Musically, I’m inspired by the dark synth vibes of Depeche Mode, and by the epic-ness and layered instruments of Florence & the Machine. I like that Godly sound that comes from organic instruments when they’re layered together, like strings and big percussive drums. But I also love the mechanical and otherworldly sound that synths give. It’s almost inhuman”. Other influences include Massive Attack, Bjork, Grace Jones.

Georgi Kay is born to write and play music. With the release of In My Mind, a UK record deal, award wins and yet more nominations, 2013 is set to be a breakout year for Georgi Kay and there’s nothing that can stand in her way!

IN MY MIND is OUT NOW on iTunes!

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