November 28, 2012

Ivy League’s 15 Year Reign of TERROR (happy birthday Ivy League)!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since three friends from Canberra set up shop in a tiny office in Sydney’s inner west and declared Ivy League records open for business.

1997 was a shaky time for the Australian music industry. Venues were closing their doors and record labels were bowing out more frequently than new bands were forming. Luckily, Pete Lusty, Andy Cassell and Andy Kelly were not deterred by this sad state of affairs and their desire to get the music being made by their friends’ bands out into the world overruled their common sense.

Since then the music industry has sadly only become a tougher place for musicians and record labels to get by in. Regardless of this, Ivy League continues to make no compromises when it comes to releasing top notch Australian music which they and their mates would want to listen to.

To celebrate this 15 year milestone we’ve been in touch with artists and staff who have helped mould Ivy League into one of Australia’s most revered record labels. Over the next two weeks we will be updating the Ivy League news with a little Q&A from a bunch of these legends so keep an eye out!


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