November 25, 2011

Watch Josh Pyke’s New Video

Punch In The Heart is the new single from Josh Pyke’s top five album Only Sparrows. Featuring Katy Steele, the stunning single follows on from radio faves ‘No One Wants A Lover’ and ‘The World Is A Picture’. Shot between Sydney and New York, the video was produced by the ever-talented Amelia Tovey of Shoot The Player

The story of the song is best told by Josh himself:

“Punch In The Heart is a song that took the long way home. Whilst on tour with Lawrence Greenwood, (aka Whitley) on the south coast of New South Wales, the song was born in a small hotel room in order to kill an afternoon.

“Years passed and then when en route to a friend’s wedding, I dropped my sister off at her accommodation and the song came flooding back. She was staying at the same hotel in the exact room that the song was written in. I decided then and there to use the track on my next album.

“I emailed Lawrence (now in London) to ask if I could have sole custody of our song-child, and then decided on friend Katy Steele to add a female counterpart to the song. Her voice has the perfect mix of vulnerability and strength, and is so unique. Katy was living in New York City, so the song took another journey, back and forth across the digital sea, and came back to me all grown up.

“Finally, to complete its journey, we shot a clip, half in Sydney, half in NYC to add a final visual element to the story.

“Somewhere between Mollymook, London, NYC and Sydney, Punch In The Heart has become one of my favourite tracks on the album.”

And you can watch the video here.

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